Unusual Challenges

Unusual requests at The Sewing Shop

At The Sewing Shop, we have faced some challenging projects over the years.
Here is just some of the challenging requests we have managed to complete:

  • Repaired the cover and replaced the zip on the Morgan car
  • Repaired the cover and replaced the zip on an MG sports car.
  • Created a personalized cover for a Ferrari steering wheel.
  • Produced very very lightweight covers for hand glider wings - The original covers were too bulky to carry when flying. The client wanted something very lightweight that he could stuff into his jacket, so that when he landed he could cover and protect the wings of his glider.
  • Produced wing covers for planes to protect the wings from bird excrement when plane is not in use.
  • Revived many a loving teddy back to life.
  • Repaired gun holsters
  • Repaired trampolines.
  • Repaired rabbit hutch covers.
  • Stitched brides into their dress an hour before the wedding!
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